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Wonder Woman or Yoga?

Body language has the ability to empower or defeat.  Where I don’t follow the belief that a cluttered desk is equivalent to a cluttered mind, I firmly support that body language, or non-verbal communication, can be more revealing than words.  Even before a hand shake or hug, much can be assumed about a person by

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Sadhana – Shopping for a Self Practice

Confession: I went to my first yoga class yesterday in several months. The return was awkward; not because I have not been doing yoga, but because my yoga goes outside in the summer where the self-critic and competitor gets squashed in the warmth of the rising sun with the sound of fish jumping. So I

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Intentions for Fall Planting

The story starts with stepping on a freshly fallen green acorn the other morning.  The initial thought was “ ouch” and “crap, summer is ending”.  Then with the acceptance and appreciation that we can never outdo nature, a lesson formed.  The acorn in question was from a white oak tree that is approximately 25 years old. 

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Meditation as Ketchup

  It is interesting to see what sticks after a powerful training.  Especially when the teacher is Nischala Devi.  She has a remarkable ability to intertwine relevant stories and analogies with deep-seated yoga teachings as a way to remember the lesson.  Despite my dislike of condiments, when the word ketchup was used to explain the different facets of

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