Yoga Anatomy: Understanding the Hips this Wednesday Sept. 30th 6:30-8:30 pm

Have you heard the term “chakra” or “biofield” and wondered if you have one? They are part of the energy body which lays the groundwork for all of the other systems of your body.  Two traditional modalities commonly used to maintain an optimal energy system are yoga and energy therapy. By being more sensitive to the subtle life force energy (prana), yoga is a powerful self-care tool used to maintain a balanced energy system.   An energy medicine practitioner also works with the pranic body.  By using his/her hands to assess your biofield and restore harmony and balance in your energy system, the practitioner places you in the optimal environment to maintain health or self heal.

Application To Be A Yogi

Dear Student, Thank You for applying for the position of yogi/yogini.  This position is not to be underestimated or taken lightly, but a sense of humor is encouraged.  During your initial yoga internship, you may commit to only one or two class per week. Before you can make a decision to accept a full-time position,

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Weeding The Inner Garden

Perhaps it was the soaked soil after several days of straight down rainfall that motivated me, but it was the first time in 2 summers that I got into the garden to weed. I used to do some pulling and transplanting in spring then leave things like watering and expansion to Mother Nature. The motto

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Yoga as Interval Training for the Body & Mind

Life requires interval training. Physically, interval training allows you to push yourself beyond your limits and increase endurance by combining blasts of energy with a recovery phase. Intensity is increased without burn out.  In yoga, we might practice interval training by releasing all the muscles in a child’s pose after a series of dynamic standing

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What Is Yin Yoga?

Most types of yoga asana are yang in nature meaning they require that we use the muscles, build heat and dynamically “do”. Yin yoga is a quiet, still practice that relaxes the muscles to stretch the deep tissue and release energy to the joints. Yin/Yang principles explain why even graceful aging includes morning stiffness. We

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