Klesha # 5 - Abhinivesah: Yoga is not about preventing death, it is about awakening to life!

Have you heard the term “chakra” or “biofield” and wondered if you have one? They are part of the energy body which lays the groundwork for all of the other systems of your body.  Two traditional modalities commonly used to maintain an optimal energy system are yoga and energy therapy. By being more sensitive to the subtle life force energy (prana), yoga is a powerful self-care tool used to maintain a balanced energy system.   An energy medicine practitioner also works with the pranic body.  By using his/her hands to assess your biofield and restore harmony and balance in your energy system, the practitioner places you in the optimal environment to maintain health or self heal.

What Is Yin Yoga?

Most types of yoga asana are yang in nature meaning they require that we use the muscles, build heat and dynamically “do”. Yin yoga is a quiet, still practice that relaxes the muscles to stretch the deep tissue and release energy to the joints. Yin/Yang principles explain why even graceful aging includes morning stiffness. We

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Words Within Our Body

soften, melt, surrender, whole(ness), gentle, release, breathe, invite, feel, let go, assimilate, nourish, observe, joyfully, love, offer, access, integrate, flow, allow, transition, impartially, sweeten, transcend, tenderly, ground, stimulate, centre, nurture, awareness, peace, miraculous, heartfelt, organic, smooth, soothe, advocate, please, relax, expand, passionate, presence, bliss, manifest, notice, receive, smile, remember, grace, lighten, subtle, uplift, brighten, precious,

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The Why and How of OM

Even if you have never entered a yoga studio, you have probably heard of the sound OM.  OM or AUM is the most frequently used sacred sound on earth, and the mantra often chanted in yoga classes.  Though it is meaningless, there is deep significance and healing power in this primordial vibration. So what does

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At the end of this longest darkness I see you and remember who I am. Not able to tell if the day starts with snowflakes floating or fog resting; fingers fumble to write. The window is a stoic wall.  My heart is the window.     In the safety of this sacred space I am

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