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Back Care Yoga: Neck and Shoulders, Sunday Dec. 11, 12-2 pm

Election Digestion

If you are still struggling with the post-election dystopia, have you considered trying yoga? Before you do, may I please explain something? As Gabriel Halpern said in his dharma talk last weekend, starting yoga to find peace and comfort is like being caught in a rain storm and deciding to jump in the ocean.  As

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Gratitude Meditation with Tarjani Mudra

Tarjani Mudra – Gently press the tips of the index fingers together, allowing the other fingers to relax inward.  Release the shoulders back and down, with the elbows held slightly away from the body and the forearms parallel to the earth, as if you are spaciously framing your heart. Take time to settle in and

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election results help

Warning: Don’t read this if you are in a good place today. I need you…one of you…any of you…my spiritual leaders, to tell me how to let this go and choose love; to be non-judgmental, but without enabling or accepting fear or hatred. I need someone to hold my hand this morning.  No, wrap me

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In Praise of Spider Webs

Mind is the spider; spinning, spinning, madly spinning. Recreating the past; restless and poisonous. A tapestry of turmoil. Thoughts all connected with one unsubstantiated thread. I lost my place in the center. Terrified of heights, I grip the edge, fearful of falling back down. So desperate for a satisfying meal, unable to get beyond the

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