Solstice Sound Healing and Yin Yoga with Mike and Megan June 21, 7:30 pm!

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5 Year Anniversary

Dear BFY Students, This week quietly marked the 5 year anniversary of my yoga studio. 9 years of teaching, almost 30 years of practicing, and my overwhelming thought is that none of what I do is about me. It is about you, what you give and the community you create. That is an odd conclusion

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Helping Clients Overcome Practice Challenges through Somatic Space

This article was originally published by the International Association of Yoga Therapists, Yoga Therapy Today, Winter 2018, Yoga Therapy in Practice,    Increased interoceptive awareness—the deep knowledge of what’s occurring in the physical body, the soma—can be a negative experience for some. Notwithstanding the long-term benefits clients gain through heightened self-awareness, we yoga therapists may find

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The Other Path to Enlightement

Imprisioned in the house from the cold, Christmas is a holiday to get through and New Year’s resolutions have never worked for me, so I struggle… every year, this time of year.  Repressed memories.  Unreached goals. Fear of more failure.  Gratitude for having more than enough laced with guilt in thinking of all those in

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Blessings from the Celtic Solstice

This altar sends out gratitude for the earth that held and fed my ancestors. It is an invitation to the wind to enter my window as I sleep and fill my lungs with the ancient memories of their resilience. It calls to the water to nudge me tonight to flow through this lifetime as the

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