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Free Video Practices for Home:

Somatic Yoga: Body Prayer for the Lower Body

Somatic Yoga: Body Prayer for the Lower Body

Somatic Yoga to Awaken the Body

Awaken and Strengthen the Pelvis

Warrior Series with Chair for Stability

A practice to ground/nurture the body and calm the mind

Legs up the Wall Restorative Postures

Salutation with Lunge – strengthen legs and hips, build heat and expand the heart

 Strengthen and Stretch the Hip Flexors 

Tension Relief for Neck and Shoulders

 Side Plank at the wall

Hip Openers in a Chair

Wrists and Hands

108SecondsOf Yoga -DownDog 

Morning Yoga Salutation of Gratitude to the Words of Tecumseh

Chair Yoga with Warm Ups and Seated Salutation


Relaxation Pose Pick: Supported Shoulder Stand


Restorative inversions are particularly relaxing with supported shoulder stand (Viparita Karani) being a favorite due to its adaptability.  All you need is a wall, headboard or even a chair to place the legs on.  The yoga bolsters under the sacrum in the photo can easily be replaced with bed pillows and/or folded blankets.

Some of the benefits of supported shoulder stand include: 

  • Aids in return of the blood to the lungs for oxygenation by raising the feet, legs and pelvis higher than the head. Blood pressure decreases and the heart gets to rest. 
  • Gravity assists the downward movement of lymph.  Since the lymphatic system, which is part of the bodies immune system, does not have central pump, going upside down encourages the one way valves of the lymph system to clear the lower extremities. 
  • By tilting the chin slightly toward the chest, the spongy thyroid gland is gently squeezed and receives fresh new blood when the pose is released. This little butterfly shaped gland regulates our metabolism.  
  • With the head slightly below the heart and the forward tilt in the chin, the nervous system is told to relax.  Baroreceptors are like tiny little command centers that detect blood flow in your neck. If they feel your blood flow increase, they send signals to the heart to relax.  If you want more on the baroreceptors and inversions, visit this blog on Yoga for Heathy Aging
  • Overall, supported shoulder stand is one of the most beneficial poses for heart health. Physically and energetically, making the heart the home for awareness is like giving your spirit or soul self a chance to reboot.
Inverted poses are contraindicated for certain medical conditions.  Please check with your doctor if you have any concerns. 
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